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What is a good major for me?

I’m thinking about something to do with engineering. I’m very good at Math and History. I’m good at Science too but I never took any Advanced Placement courses in Science.

But I just would like some information. What are some good majors. What majors are in demand, and will get me a good job. Any help is appreciated.

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Kalos Orisate

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As well as “Pure” Engineering, there is Engineering Technology, and Industrial Technology.

Engineering Technology (BSET) is less theoretical than Pure Engineering, has less Math and Physics, and more Design courses.

Industrial Technology (BSIT) is similar to Engineering Technology, but a few of the Technical courses are replaced by Business/Management courses, so BSIT grads are better able to step into roles as Managers. BSIT programs are available in Electronics, Mechanical, Civil, and most other disciplines.


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Almost any branch of Engineering is in demand: Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Chemical, Biomedical and I can go on. You have to focus in on what interests you. You will not utilize much history in Engineering but Math and Physics is key. I suggest you get a university catalog one that is in your area and look at their Engineering section. Check out what interests you and look at prerequsities. You have to research this for yourself.