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Guess the artist and album of the songs listed.. whoever gets the most right WINS! 8 mixed genre songs (tough)

*No Googling!* C’mon now..

1. None of your business

2. Something

3. State of attraction

4. Ace in the hole

5. Walkin after midnight

6. Water runs dry

7. Baby don’t go

8. Today

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1. Salt & Pepper

2. first song written by George Harrison

3. Paula Abdul

4, first song by Cole Porter

5. Patsy Cline, I still can she her in my memories singing this song.

6. Boys II Men

7. I am not quite sure of this one because I remember the title slightly different. The name was Baby Please don’t go it was back in 1935 song by Big Joe Williams

8. There are a couple of versus of Today that I know of one made famous by John Denver and the other by Smaking Pumkings. Sorry for the spelling mistakes.


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Thomas B
1. Salt n Pepa

2. The Beatles

3. Don’t know

4 .George Strait

5. Garth Brooks

6. Boyz 2 Men

7. Sonny and Cher

8. This one I am not positive about but I think it is “Smashing Pumpkins”.


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7. fabolous…

lol dats all i know