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Biology/Genetics vs Law?

I love both, I just can’t decide…

About me:

– I hate sitting all day

– I love arguing and am very good at it (although some people can get annoyed at how argumentative I am)

– I had a 110% in my biology class (my favorite part being genetics)

– I’m good at math, but I absolutely HATE IT

– When I took the career assessment test in high school, it told me I should be a Genetics Counselor… but I don’t even know anything about being a genetics counselor… and is there anything else I can pursue in the genetics area besides becoming a counselor?

– I feel if I become a lawyer I can: 1) Grow further and maybe work for the government in the Supreme Court and 2) Do more good for the United States than if I just researched genetics

Please give me your advice! Thank you!

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Someone once gave ME this advice, and I think it’s good: If you were lying on your death bed, which one would you regret more not choosing? I know which one I’d choose, but this is YOUR life, and not mine. If one of those is something you’d hate to die not having done, then THAT’s the one you should choose!

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i’m no longer fullyyt specific I comprehend the question yet I even have some comments. Einstein became into raised Jewish and under no circumstances believed interior the assumption of the Christian version of God. He became right into a deist, no longer a Jew or Christian. Atheism covers lots of diverse ideals. some human beings use the term to describe something no longer Christian, like Buddhism, Hinduism, Wicca, historic Greek mythology, and so forth and a few say the term refers in basic terms to those that have confidence in no different-international in any respect. So, announcing this is the quickest starting to be faith would not rellay make sense. additionally, regulation does exchange. working example, there have been memories on the information (commonly, it regarded) of mom and father who had left their infant in a motor vehicle interior the summertime, it died of heat exhaustion and then the verify became into placed on trial. yet, I in simple terms heard on the information that an analogous difficulty got here approximately yet this time, the choose desperate there could be no trial b/c the female became into suffering adequate. additionally, in case you check out historic previous, our procedures for punishment have replaced. no one burns every person at stake anymore and lots of countries do no longer kill unmarried mothers. So, regulation can exchange, too, albeit slowly. i do no longer think of each ‘atheist’ believes something is often.

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dont go into law, just because you are good at arguing it will take more than just been good at arguing to survive law school