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are the liberal arts useless? what kind of jobs can i get with a liberal arts degree.?

i mean i am transferring to a new school and i have to decide on a major in about 2 weeks and i by looking back at my transcript i have gotten all A’s in all liberal arts classes except one where i got a B in. but i don’t know if i should pick a liberal arts major since i know it doesn’t give me the best career opportunities. so whats you input?

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liberal arts are good if you are looking to go to another program after college..

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You should definately go to college for an education, not for job training. People with liberal arts degrees can become teachers. I think what people mean when they such a thing is this: CPA’s make more money than people with a liberal arts degree. That is a true statement; however, it doesn’t mean they’re useless. Good luck, whatever you decide.

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It depends on what it is in. I am not sure exactly what jobs u can get with a liberal arts degree, but I can say this. Any employer would except an individual with any degree over one who does not have one. I am sorta in the same boat. I have an associate degree in computer/information security, pondering on switching to psychology/chemisty (my loves), but something inside tells me to stay with the computer field and continue with my bach.

All in all, I have to say just follow with what you want inside. Look at all resources possible that are avaible to you. You may not get a job in exactly something that is geared towards your major, but at least you have a degree and a piece of paper stating you accomplished something.


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The liberal arts are far from useless, my friend.

The liberal arts teach one how to think critically, research thoroughly, compose an effective argument, and write clearly. This means that many employers specifically look for liberal arts majors.

Sociology or Anthropology? Jobs in demographics, marketing, consumer profiling and targeting, market analysis, human resources, social services, etc.

Psychology? Jobs in human resources, marketing, industrial psychology, sales, etc.

English or Rhetoric? Jobs in publishing, journalism, technical writing, speechwriting, research and analysis, etc.

History? Jobs in politics, journalism, research, libraries and archives, museums, historical societies, etc.

Religion? Jobs in journalism, politics, research, social services, counseling, nonprofit agencies, etc.

It’s all about how you market YOURSELF after you earn that degree. Go for it.


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Many positions I see available are asking for someone with a four- year degree. No major specified. So maybe that will answer your question?