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Should I retake the SAT or ACT?

I’m 22, freshman in college and will be applying to an engineering program at another school. I made a 1200(SAT) and 23(ACT) when I first took it in high school. It’s been 5 years since. I wonder would I be able to make higher? How should I go about studying for it? Should I focus more on vocabulary or math? I’m trying to brush up on my calculus(been 4 years) enough so I can CLEP a calculus class. I will be a transfer student when I apply for fall but I’m thinking they are going to look at my SAT/ACT scores because they use that, high school courses, and GPA to judge incoming freshman. I rocked in high school(4.2 GPA and honors classes(didn’t have AP)) but I tripped up my freshman year of college. So now I’m at it again. So to retake or not? Will it strengthen my chances?

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I would only study the harder courses that are given.

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Your ACT score is already enormously good. yet as quickly as you experience such as you may retake between the assessments, i think of of you may %. the ACT. my own opinion is that it is way less complicated to strengthen on the SATs. i began out out of with like a 1950 yet after a set of interpreting I even have been given a 2340. i’m specific you will do surprising even though. do relatively your maximum ideal!