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who is renan luce?

who is renan luce?

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From Wikipedia (translated through Babel Fish)

Renan Luce is a young singer and composer-songwriter. Its texts almost make think of George Brassens whom the artist acknowledges to admire, as in Renaud with which it tries to share its talent for humour, derision and tenderness. It depicts the daily newspaper with humour and poetry, in the line of artists of its generation such Bénabar.

It was born on March 5, 1980 in Paris but lived all its childhood and its adolescence in Brittany, close to Morlaix (Finistere), where it was besides with the college Tristan Corbière. It began its musical formation while taking part with his Damien brother and his s?ur Claire in a choral society, then began the traditional piano with the academy from Brest then of Saint-Brieuc. It then replaces the piano by the saxophone and learns only the guitar by composing its first songs. After 2 years of preparatory class in Rennes where it occurs in bars and some festivals (1E started from Matmatah), it is allowed atthe Higher School of Trade of Toulouse.

Within the framework of its studies, it composes 2 songs and records them on a disc sold with the profit of a humane association which helps a school of Madagascar. After its 3 years of studies in Toulouse, it settles in Paris and quickly decides to be devoted exclusively to the creation of songs and the spectacle.

The stamp of its voice is a mixture of that of Renaud (during his black period) and of that of Raphaël. The melodies are simple, the public concerned is clearly broad: little engagement in the words, the whole in the current current of the “music”.

Its “Repented” album is recognized Disque of Gold in September 2007.

It starts an international round (France, Belgium, Quebec) in July 2007, which involves it on the roads until spring 2008.


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I like the music, but all info I find is in French.

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