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The crucible act 3?

I need help with these questions.

1.What does Parris deny in the cout? What does he openly lie like this?

2.Why is Danforth so skepitcal about rescinding the accounts of Mary Warren and therefore saying the other girls are lying?

3. Why can’t Mary Warren faint at the command of Danforth?

4. What does Jogn Proctor openly confess in front of the court? How does this effect Danforth?

5. When Elizabeth is brought in why dos she lie? Why is Danforth intent upon not having her look upon another?

6. What do the girls pretend to see in tthe rafters? Why?

7. What does Mary Warren confess by the end of Act?

8. What is JOhn Proctor’s response to all of the girls “crying out?”

9. What dos Hale state at the end of Act 3? What do you think he says this?

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god i loved reading this book, unfortunatley i can only remember so much.

#4: John Proctor Confesses his affair with Abigail.

#5 :Elizabeth lies to protect her husband john procotor, not knowing that he has already confessed.

#7:Mary Warren confesses [ i think] because John Procotor makes her … [ or something of that sort.]

Read the book, the answers are there!!


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“Much of Act III has to do with determining who will define innocence and guilt. Proctor makes one desperate bid for this authority by finally overcoming his desire to protect his good name, exposing his own secret sin. He hopes to replace his wife’s alleged guilt with his own guilt and bring down Abigail in the process. Unfortunately, he mistakes the proceedings for an actual search for the guilty, when, in fact, the proceedings are better described as a power struggle. He exposes his private life to scrutiny, hoping to gain some authority, but he does not realize that too many influential people have invested energy into the proceedings for him to be able to stop them now. Too many reputations are at stake, and Proctor’s revelation comes too late to stop the avalanche.” The irony is that in being truthful and innocent, Proctor will be condemned. The battle is over pride instead of justice.

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God I hated this at school. Though missy, all the answers will be in the text 😉 x