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“College paper?!”?

wondering if anyone can help me with writting out at least 3 sentences to start off my introduction for my paper. It’s for one of my classes called “Foundations of Leadership” and we have to discuss how our perspective on academic faithfulness was changed or confirmed during the course of this class. Yeah I’m a college student. A freshmen actually. 18 years old..I’ve done papers before..but for some reason I do not know how to start this paper off. I’ve read the two books that we were required to read…one called “The Way od The Shepherd”, and the other one called “A Guide to Students: The Outrageous Idea of Academic Faithfulness”. This class is required to be taked by EVERY incoming freshmen or transfer student..and it’s basically a class that’s suppose to teach us how to be faithful in our academics and whatnot. I’ve missed quite a few classes…so I wasn’t really there for most of the lectures…due to circumstances out of my control..so therefore..anyone here wanting to help me?

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What you need to stress is the fact that the course has, in some way, helped you understand the idea of academic faithfulness. I suggest you go over your notes and choose three or four topics mentioned in class and discuss each one in the main body.

I assume you will have to discuss Opitz and Melleby’s ideas on the connection between faith and learning (quite a controversial theme). However, it seems to me that your professor is open to a wide range of opinions. If not (and if, by any chance, your views clash), try to be on the safe side by presenting a more detached, more neutral point of view.

As for the introduction, you could say something along these lines: The course presented numerous thought-provoking ideas on the connection between faith and academics, some of which will be discussed in the present essay. The questions to be dealth with, in this paper, have been selected in terms of [elaborate].

Main body: as you discuss each question, keep in mind that you will have to present one of the following points of view: (1) FOR (build arguments in favor of all of them or of one of the ideas), (2) AGAINST or (3) NEUTRAL (assume a detached outlook on the topics you have selected).

Conclusion: You should stress that both the book and the course have played an important role in your education. [Refer back to the ideas discussed above in order to back up this assertion.]