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A test consists of multi-choice questions each having four possible answers(a,b,c,d), one is correct.?

Assume that you guess the answers to six questions.

1. Using the multiplication rule to find the probability that the first two guesses are wrong and the last four are correct. Find P(WWCCCC).

2. Beginning with WWCCCC, make a complete list of the differnet possible arrangements of two wrong answers and four correct answers, then find the probability for each entry in that list.

3. Based on the preceeding results, what is the probability of gettting exactly four correct answers when six guess are made?

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Looks like I just answered #2 for one of your classmates. I’ve tried to link it below — if it doesn’t work, the question was “How many ways can you arrange WWCCCC?”. There are thorough solutions there.

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