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Can you tell me all that you know about Uruguay?

But without using the internet. Just tell me what YOU know about Uruguay. If you know nothing, it’s ok. I’m just doing a little research about your knowledge.

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—Uruguay, officially the Eastern Republic of Uruguay

— located in the southeastern part of South America

—Bordered By BRAZIL


—Currency-Peso (as far as i Know . Can’t help if there’s another kind of peso called URUGUAYian peso)

—Got freed from BRAZIL

This is wat I genuinely know about URUGUAY.

But i don’t know why u r interestred only in this country when there r almost 225-250 countries…


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Libertad o Muerte (Spanish)

“Liberty or Death

Official languages Spanish

President = Tabaré Vázquez

Vice President= Rodolfo Nin

Senate of Uruguay = Rodolfo Nin


– Total 176,215 km² (90th) 68,038 sq mi

– Water (%) 1.5


– 2006 estimate 3,323,906 (132nd)

Calling code +598

The coolest month is June, while the warmest is January. The rainfall is equally distributed throughout the year, but tends to be a bit more frequent in the autumn months. There can be frequent thunderstorms in the summer.

Uruguay has a middle income economy, mainly dominated by the State services sector, an export-oriented agricultural sector and an industrial sector. Uruguay relies heavily on trade, particularly in agricultural exports, leaving the country particularly vulnerable to slumps in commodity prices and global economic slowdowns

Uruguay is heavily populated by white people of European ancestry. According to a study done in 1997, 94% of its population is of white European descent, Spaniards, followed closely by Italians, including numbers of Germans, French, Swiss, Russians, Portuguese, British, Poles, Bulgarians, Hungarians, Ukrainians, Lithuanians, Estonians, Latvians, Dutch, Belgians, Croatians, Greeks,

Scandinavians, Irish, and Armenians.

Church and state are officially separated. Most Uruguayans adhere to the Roman Catholic faith (62%), with smaller Protestant (4%) and Jewish (3%), as well as a large nonprofessing group (31%).


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It is a country in south america.

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Here’s almost everything you’ll need to know.



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its in south america

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