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your opinion–i cant able to answer.?

my gf ,a school teacher ,has got a peculier problem in her working place.recently .A women.older than her enrolled as a student.my friend is totally perplexed how she behave with the women.Is she behaved totally different than other girls? my friend even has to punish the girls frequently like standup on the bench,kneeldown or somtime a little physical punishment .will the woman be punished in same manner?

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i am sorry but can you please elaborate on how a school teacher can have a student older than her? i don’t really understand how that could happen. but to try to answer your question then maybe your teacher needs to reestablish her punishment system. a lot of schools have a program already set for proper punishment for a teacher and the teachers have to follow those rules. maybe your girlfriend should look into non-physical punishments for her students. but please i would love to know how a student could be older than the teacher.