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Why no drug testing for teachers?

why does the law force me to send my child to kindergarten with a teacher who can be high on crack? why do u phonies hide behind your unions and not allow drug testing for teachers?

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I’d take a drug test in a second, and I think most teachers do take them.

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What state are you in? My district drug tests.

Edit: I’m in Missouri. And the “law” only requires that you send your child to school…you have many choices when it comes to education. The “law” only guarantees access to a free public education, you have the choice to send your child to private school if you are not confident in your public school system. You seem to have a lot of anger towards teachers. Like any bias, please be aware that you are probably passing those attitudes along to your children. It’s no wonder that teachers are so disrespected — watch who you call a phony….as the saying goes…People who live in glass houses……

Edit: Was your kid (or you) kicked out for drug usage? Talking about a double standard in the angry way you do makes it seems as if you speak from experience.

P.S. Your grammar and sentence structure is very poor. Judging from other questions you’ve asked, you seem to be a bit of a sh*t disturber. Not to mention that your grammar really sucks in some other questions and answers you’ve given. That alone leads posters to believe that you are a fake. I do not believe you are a fake…just a simpleton.


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I had to take a drug test…

You might want to meet your child’s teacher(s) personally, so that you know that the teacher is not a phony.

Also, be careful how you talk to/about the teacher in front of your child. It sounds like you’ve had some bad experiences, but you don’t want to cause your child to hate teachers “just because mommy/daddy does.”

The law doesn’t force you to go to public school. Private school, transfers to other districts, and homeschool are just a few of your choices.

If you’re concerned about your teacher, talk to the principal.


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I am in the union and there is drug testing for teachers and students when there is a “reasonable suspicion of drug abuse”. The rule is the same for both teachers and students. Most teachers are in the union for better working conditions. I don’t know of any who are in it to avoid drug testing as it wouldn’t prevent that.

If you have a sincere reason to believe the teacher is abusing drugs and the facts to back it up take your concerns to the principal. If it is reasonable they will drug test the teacher. The principal isn’t going to want a room full of kindergarteners with someone who isn’t stable. If you don’t have the facts you are just creating or passing along unsubstantiated gossip and deserve to have your concerns ignored.


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Sara B
I’m going to call “FAKE” on this post. I can’t imagine an adult writing this with “u”.

Listen kid, stop being weird. “Phonies” that doesn’t even make sense contextually. “Unions” um…yeah…except all those places where there are no teachere unions. And being from a state where we don’t have teaching unions OR drug tests, I’m going to say the state doesn’t want to pay for us all peeing in a cup twice a year. That is A LOT OF PEE to analyze.


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no law “forces” you to send your child to school…if you don’t like the system, home school your child…