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Whats a good way to exercise your fingers to play the guitar.?

Whats a good way to exercise your fingers to play the guitar. my hands hurt while playing

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get a small bouncy ball and squeeze it three times a day and do the finger stretches with it.

this can help you a lot.

i have my masters in music now for 20 yrs.


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I put the fingers of the right hand against the fingers of the left hand… and push like crazy.. and do it at least 10 times.

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swap up what you play, attempt enjoying some blues, then some chords you haven’t any longer performed earlier, then some rock songs, then some scales and stuff. you will get it down enventually, you could desire to maintain on difficult your self to play diverse stlyes and your hand will loosen precise up. prepare confusing and don’t overlook to have staying power.

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That’s Enough
Keep playing. I know it sucks, but it will go away eventually.

If your just starting, keep practicing, it gets better. (More skill and less pain that is!)