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to be a music producer…?

i really want to be a music producer but it’s not very stable, is it? like being an actor, not everyone makes it to the big time. so i would rather go to law school and be an entertainment lawyer, and have a minor in music business, or whatever it is you should study. if the music producer thing works out, is it enough to have a minor in it?

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well you kind of answered your question…no good music producers were in it for money and a stable income. entertainment is a risky business and the ones who are successful are the ones who take that leap because they love what they do. in order to produce music, you have to understand it. thats why most great music producers were originally aspiring artists…then they realized wha the wanted or the next best thing to being the Artist is producing them. the music industry is about what you know but even more about who you know…being an entertainment lawyer is not stable either, unless you get those big contracts. Goodluck

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it fairly relies upon. If its some broke no call rapper with a Timbaland beat, the producer gets greater. If its a broke no call producer with a warm beat and a celebrity rapper raps, then the rapper gets greater. producer’s sell their beats or hire their beats based on the area. it extremely is greater decrease priced to hire a beat extremely than purchase one. whether, in case you sell a rapper a beat for $5000 and the music finally ends up promoting 5 million information, the producer is caught with 5000 on an identical time as the rapper is taking in money from each album offered. whether, in case you hire the beat, you could have the potential to strike a deal the place you get a proportion or a minimum of the rights to apply the beat back. well-known, the rapper makes greater except you’re between the best 5 manufacturers interior the sport.