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Suggestions for teacher burnout?

Hi … this is a question for the teachers out there. Right now I am not teaching but I want to get back into. I am nervous about the burnout, though.

Last time, I got so burned out and gained a lot of weight from the stress.

Do any teachers have any suggestions for avoiding burnout that have worked for you?

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I think you have found the Achilles heel of good teachers there, Princess. My mother used to be a teacher, until she burned out and ended up having a nervous breakdown. I’ve followed in her shoes, but haven’t had the breakdown yet. I’ve been at it for nearly 20 years, and it’s due any day now!

When you feel the stress building up, you have to just get away. I find just disappearing (when I have the odd afternoon free of teaching) and going on long walks along a beach works for me. You can get yourself in trouble for just taking off, but the alternative would be much worse.

Regular quality exercise is absolutely mandatory too for your mental health over physical.

Hang in there, like the rest of us, you’re doing a good job.


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Kelly H
Have you considered another route to working with kids? You might want to check out becoming a tutor, or a para. These are jobs that allow you the leisure to work with students but with much less stress.

If you really feel your place is in the classroom, you should think of ways to reduce your stress. For example, you might want to find a gym where you can work out after school, and start meeting with other teachers once a week for a chance to blow off steam. We always met at a bar on Fridays and it really made our lives much easier to deal with.

Good luck with your future.


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If teaching is that stressful for you then you shouldn’t be teaching. You may want to see if you can sub, be a para or help with specialized classes if you feel that your place is with children.