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seeking your opnion?

i am elaborating my earlier post. my gf (27) is a school teacher in a remote locality. a month ago one woman (about30 )accompanied by her uncle came to school. her uncle expressed his willingness for enrolling her in 8 std. she could not finish school study due to separation of her dad & mom .she was looked after by her uncle afterwords. presenyly uncle has decided to make her self-sufficient. but without a school leaving certificate it seems to be very tough.my school principal tried to impress upon that it is impossible. even he told them school is very strict in nature. she will not able to cope up. every girl has to maintain strict discipline. otherwise they are even physically punished. school has got some rules regarding this. school uniform is also must. after hearing all this her uncle requested again for enrolling considering same treatment with other girls. she admitted where my gf is class mam.here lies the problem.sholud my gf obey the school regulations? should she administer punisment like standup on bench or kneeldown for not doing homework etc. pl. advise.

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First where are you guys, that sounds fairly harsh

But I would say that if those are the rules than they should be enforced no matter who infringed on them.

Tell your gf good luck