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Routine in a classroom management?

Can you site me an examples of routine??

What are the ways in establishing routine???

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I’m going into my 3rd year as a 2nd grade teacher and I’m finding that routines make it so much easier. At the beginning of the year I spend the first week showing the students how to get a sharpened pencil, how to get my attention, how to get around the school, how to come in from the bus in the morning, how to treat our resource teachers. Throughout the year then other academic routines are established, such as how to use the word study notebook, how to read with a partner, how to work together at a science station, etc. With 7/8 year olds it takes several times (and some never get it), but the majority do, and they help to enforce things.

As a new teacher I found these articles EXTREMELY useful.


Great ones on getting into the first week of school.

Good luck!


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Routines in class room management is critical – kids will know what is expected of them and when. A routine is doing the same thing – the same way – in the same order – consistently. Some routines are loose and some need to be very rigid.

i.e. My students knew when they came in they were to get their supplies ready (sharpen pencils, etc.) for the day and sit and do morning work. They knew after announcements I would call each table up to turn in their homework as I called attendance.

Kids really do prefer consistency and routines provide that. Then there is no confusion and you can keep the flow going. The better part of the first few weeks of school will be just establishing your routines.

Here’s the key: Do not be afraid to adjust the routine if it isn’t working, but do try you best to keep things as consistent as you can.


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Jan F
Classroom routine has to do with doing things in the same way every time. Examples: the way you take daily attendance; the way your students choose their lunch; the way you get them lined up, the way you collect their work, etc.

Another part of a good classroom routine is having a schedule that the children can refer to and count on day after day. Children need to know what to expect and need to feel secure. Your classroom can’t run smoothly without these set routines.

Establishing routines? First, figure out your daily schedule and post it in the classroom. Look at all the things that must be done daily, and figure out the least complicated way for you and your students to accomplish them. If something doesn’t work, fix it — the first idea isn’t always the best — but always be as consistent as possible.


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Routine are the things that you do. A procedure is how you do those things. For example, your schedule is your routine. We go to the restroom the same times during the day. My first week of school is when I establish my routine. I do this by doing the routine and telling the students that this is what we do and how we do it. Usually by the end of that first week we will have the routine down.

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have a daily schedule and try to follow it regularly…have the schedule posted, so kids are not wondering what’s going on during the day…

teach the students the procedures for everything in the classroom, including where/when to turn in homework, when to sharpen pencils, what to do when you’re done with work, how to line up, etc.