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Ethical Dilemmas in training games?

I need an excercise to give my class related to ethical dilemmas in training/coaching. Any ideas??

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You have walked out of the grocery store and realized that the clerk only charged you for 2 candy bars when you have 3 in the bag. Is that OK or do you go back in and pay for the 3rd. If if is ok to keep the 3rd, how much does it have to be worth before you need to go back in and pay for it.

Is stealing a pencil (worth 10 cents) not as bad as stealing a watch (worth $100)? discuss why you think so.


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Maybe you must no longer be aware of a distinctive moral hindrance. Perhaps you must take a look at concentrating on the discipline of moral dilemmas. For instance, we’re all confronted with moral dilemmas each and every minute of day-to-day, corresponding to whether or not to check out to overcome a crimson mild, embellishing a tale, telling a pal a brand new get dressed is lovely, and so forth. You might then talk about why those sensible matters are moral dilemmas and the penalties. This could develop your discipline, hence enabling you to have extra understanding to put in writing an extended paper.