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Preparing Speeches?

I live in Chicago, Illinois (Learning Centers for Adults)

Where can I find a decent Speech Tutor?. I need someone that is certified and knows how to prepare good Speeches. I will pay someone to help me. Any one know of some great tutors. For example learning centers for adults. After School Programs for adults and so forth. All help is totally appreciated in finding locations that specialize with English, Speech of course and Math (Algebra) etc. Take care for now 😉

P.S. I need help as soon as possible

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You should try Toastmasters in Park Ridge. They do public speaking for fun if you can believe that. They have many members who are experts in speech preparation. I am sure that some would be interested in tutoring. The Park Ridge information is as follows:

418 W Touhy Ave, Park Ridge, IL 60068

(847) 384-1159

I have also added another source for speech preparation in the last link. It features a speech and debate club in the area.


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Contact your local university and ask for references, then follow these leads.