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Teaching Requirements in CA?

I currently am attending college in PA for elementary education. And there is a lot we need to do. I was just curious what all you need to do in CA for elementary edu? For example here we have 30 hours of observation, 2 tests we need to take, and keep a cumulative 3.0 (C letter grade) all through and at the end do 2, 8 week sessions of student teaching….it would be great if someone who is currently in college or somone who recently graduated could answer. Thanks! Oh, we can also teach with a bachelors degree…do you need a masters for elementary edu? thanks again.

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i can help you! i’m a teacher in CA…the teaching credential program here is a one-year program after your bachelor’s (some go through an intensive program where they get their bachelor’s and credential in 4 years)…

i don’t remember having to do hours of observation during the program, but i did have to observe in my assigned classroom before i started student teaching…there are two sessions of student teaching (5 weeks for 1st trimester and i think 8 for the 2nd)…the program is full-time, so unless you had an evening/weekend job, you wouldn’t be able to work…

in the program, there are no grades…it’s just a credit/no credit, but you do have to maintain a B in all your classes…as far as exams, there are plenty…the CBEST, CSET, RICA, and they all cost a bundle (around $200)…

you don’t need a masters to teach elementary, but if you want to move up the pay scale faster, you might think about getting one once you start teaching…that’s what a lot of teachers do…

after you get your credential, it’s called a preliminary credential and you have to take steps to get a clear crdential by either taking courses or by going through your district with the BTSA program…BTSA is a support program for beginning teachers…

once you get your clear, you’re pretty much done until you have to renew your credential in 5 years…

click on the link below for more info on credentials…it’s a lot of information, some of which wouldn’t pertain to you because once you enter the credential program, they’ll help you through the process, but at least you’ll know where to go:


if you’re looking into credential programs in CA, i suggest cal state fullerton…i went there and they are known for having a great teaching program…many districts look highly upon cal state fullerton graduates…i don’t think it’s worth the money to go to a UC or private college…here’s more information on cal state fullerton’s program:


also, look into applying for the APLE program in CA…it’s a program where they will pay up to $11,000 of your student loans if you work in a low-income neighborhood or you meet other criteria set by the program…i was in that program and it was a lifesaver!!! here’s more info on the APLE program:


good luck and if you have any more questions, just e-mail me! i’ll be happy to help


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there are various standards you will ought to handle. i will have listed too many tests, so double examine that section. a million. Take the CBEST (try this as quickly as obtainable) it somewhat is a try of common wisdom of all the topics you will coach. 2. Take the RICA this would be a try of your potential to coach language arts 3. Take the CSET this is yet another try of wisdom of project rely. 4. finished a a million to a million a million/2 3 hundred and sixty 5 days credentialing application (relies upon what proportion units you’re taking), now and lower back you would be an intern jointly as you try this. 5. finished a instructor induction application once you exchange right into a instructor (often 2 years) the place a mentor will artwork with you to examine the talents for a “sparkling” or No toddler Left at the back of compliant credential. you may get particular solutions on the California Dept. Of Ed. internet site and frequently your college would have this information obtainable as a tricky replica.

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All states have the about the same qulifications. I am now working on my certification in TX and the only difference between our situations is that I was a substitute and I worked in a school so I do not have to do the observation or student contact hours. This is part of making teachers highly qualified to teach. Be grateful that you have to do this because in the end it makes you better teacher. I have learned so much in my certification classes. I was good before but now I am even better at teaching.

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They have several similar requirements. Here’s the link. Click on the top one for a PDF file with the run down.