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is it bad not to have any AP classes.?

ok i’ve taken only 1 honors course and no AP classes. my grades are so-so. during my underclassmen years no one really talked to me about AP classes, so is that a bad thing.

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lets just say there are some not fit to be in AP classes.

1 honors class is good, but not that good,

so so grades are….well it leads u to so so jobs.

its not bad, unless u feel its bad. no one will question u, they know not everyone has AP classes


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well, the MAIN things that universities look at are marks, not whether you’ve taken AP classes or not. that’s just a bonus.

if you’re having trouble in your current classes, then don’t jump into an AP class in that subject. chances are, you’ll receive lower marks than if you took the normal level and will DEFINITELY end up hating the subject because it’s too much pressure for you.

i’d recommend taking an AP class only if a) you find the normal class too simple or b) you have a huge passion for a certain subject and would like to learn more than ‘average’.

either way, however, you must be able to excel in an academic class in order to do well in AP. if you’re struggling in your current class, the pressure will be even higher in AP and your marks will definitely be much worse. however, if you feel that you’re up to the challenge, go ahead!

universities look at marks first, not whether you’ve taken ap credit. getting bad marks in an AP class will not get you as much recognition as doing well in an academic class. a bad mark on a report card is still a bad mark- trust me! do what you think is wise under these circumstances.

i hope this helps!


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Depends where you want to go to school. Without AP’s, you won’t get into any Ivies or any liberal arts colleges in the top 25 or so. For those schools you really need to have taken between 2-5 AP classes.

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It may be laxity or the feeling that you were not up to that level of work,