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I am plannin 2 do a course n U.S wish 2 settle down der, is der any related prog like “mom-and-pop operation”?

Hi I am Bhaarath, I am doing Animation Course in ((U.S.)) was my dream rit from my childhood. My dad and mom are not educated, I wanna settle down here in U.S. and wanna make my parents proud. Not sure Y my DAD always says that I have to settle down in U.S.!!! He is just a clerk in an organization and earns very little, he made me reach this level somehow. Now wanna re-pay him in full, by satisfying his dream. My friend told me tat there is a programme called “mom-and-pop operation” who can sponsor me and with that it would be easier for me to stay in U.S. If I am not doing something i have to leave U.S. by May 2008, coz my course gets over. And its hard for me to get a job with my Animation Degree as I have to complete a huge Project which takes atleast an year from may 2008. What are all the best ways possible, so that I stay in U.S. and get a Green card???? PLZ PLZ help me….

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I don’t know too much about immigration programs but I have never heard of “mom and pop” program. I tried googling it too, nothing seemed to show up. Generally that phrase refers to a small business, like family owned, not a big corporation. Perhaps your friend meant that you should try to get sponsorship from a smaller animation company rather than a big one? Sponsorship is one way to get a green card.

I don’t know if it is hard or not to get sponsored by animation companies, I dont’ know about the job market really (my understanding is that companies should only sponsor people when its hard to find qualified citizens for the job?? something along those lines).

I would try to form a relationship, like internship or something, with a company that you think would hire you, make some contacts through professors also? Perhaps you could get a sponsor if the company you interned with wanted to hire you after graduation. Also maybe the career office at your school would have more info on employers in your field to help you out.

Sorry I couldn’t help more, try asking your friend for a better explanation of the “mom and pop” thing, it doesn’t make sense to me really.


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