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How can we do well in mutliple choice test in the University?

Do you have any materials or webpages about this kind of researchs and methods? thanks a lot

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Multiple choice tests are similar. There are usually 4 answers… One is right, one is very wrong, and the other two are close. Try to identify wrong answers first. You should be able to eliminate 2 or sometimes 3. That way, when you guess you have better odds. If you guess from 4 possible answers, you have a 25% chance to get it right. Eliminate 2 answers, your chances are now 50%.

Also, look at the context of the question for words such as “always” or “never”. Most everything has an exception, so this answer is usually wrong.

Pay attention to the questions. If you don’t know the answer, move on and come back later. Sometimes a question later in the test answers an earlier question, or at least eliminates one of the answers.

Never change an answer unless you are sure. Your sub conscious often guides you, and quite often changed answers turn out to be right.

Finally, look at the length. If three answers are unusally long, and one is short, it is likely the short one. The same applies with three short answers and one long one.

Good luck.