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Beowulf question?

List three ways that Gardener’s depiction of Grendel in the excerpt of Grendel differs from the epic’s description of him. Did Gardner make you sympathize with him? Explain.

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1. Gardener “humanizes” Grendel in the novel, whereas the epic portrays him as nothing more than an evil monster that sets out to ravage a kingdom.

2. In Gardener’s novel, it is Grendel who is more of a “victim” rather than the people of the kingdom. As a child, Grendel attempted to befriend them, but due to his appearance he was treated with cruelty.

3. In the epic, Beowulf’s triumph over Grendel signals a defeat for the creature, but in Gardener’s novel, Grendel views it as his “freedom”. If anything, he seems almost excited to face Beowulf rather than afraid, and his cries of pain during the battle are actually cries of joy.

One of main concepts of the novel is free will and the fact that if one does not possess free will, one does not truly exist. Grendel was cursed to begin with (the epic states that he was a cursed descendent of Cain). So already his is being restrained. Later on, the dragon grants him immortality from weapons, but this takes away the right Grendel has to choose life or death for himself. When Beowulf comes along, it is not only his escape from a doomed life, but it also allows him to finally exercise his free will.

Gardener makes the reader sympathize with Grendel, because everything is told from Grendel’s point of view. Not only that, but it allows you to feel what Grendel feels.

I hope i did not confuse you (especially with the 3rd answer) and that this all helps.


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