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What is the Best way to study the Bible???

How can I best study my bible, I have tabs to better help me find the chapters, but what can I read or look through to help me better understand God, and Christ.

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God bless you for seeking the Word!

the easiest way to learn about God’s will and Jesus is to start in the New Testament. The Book of Matthew will walk you through the life of Christ, from HIs lineage to HIs crucifixion,

and bring you a clear understanding of what God expects from us and why he sent Jesus to earth.

The first four books; Matthew, Mark, Luke and John will describe the teachings and life of Christ in its glory. Stay on a daily relationship with your bible and you will grow each day!

This is the method that we use in youth studies as well as adult teaching.


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Bless you for seeking the Word of God.

I would encourage you to find a men’s, or young adult Bible study group in your area, if you are in College see if your campus has an active chapter of Campus Crusade for Christ.

For beginners, there is a One Year Bible (NLT).

It is arranged in 365 daily readings; this would be a great start.

Another way, and this is the one used by many home schoolers is to take one book at a time, combined with a study guide for that book.

This a a much longer process but very in dept, and rewarding.

Some of these can be found at Christian Liberty Press.


Or Christian Book Distributors.


God Bless.


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Hello Jake: The Bible is about human beings and how we relate to each other. The best way to study the bible is with someone else. In the beginning find someone who has studied the bible for at least a year and is someone you can relate to. If a class is not available or possible this is a good idea. Then at sometime down the road, reach out and find someone who now knows nothing about the bible and study and learn together with them as your earlier mentor did with you !

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I want to first congratulate you on seeking God’s word and to build relationship with Him. When I first started to seek in Him, I had no idea on how to study the bible or what to do about it, so I decided to take up on researching and I found this site and thought to myself, hmm online bible study? why not!

It is a good website for any beginner to start with, I believe. It have many way to provide lessons to: online, postal (via mail), and class bible study (church). Also it’s FREE!

When you register, they will give you a user name and password to go in the introductory lesson for you to begin and througout each lessons (if you picked online bible study) also there are tests for you to use to gain knowledge on God’s words and the answers will be given to you via email by your corrector. If you have chosen the postal then they will send you the lessons.

I love this website because it’s very helpful, clear for understandings and unlimit time (which you can pace yourself throughout the lessons).

God is good in these days!

God bless!


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john s
Read it with as much detached skepticism as you can muster. But you should start with the understanding that no human being has ever thrown down staffs that turned into snakes, and if the Jews are a chosen people, I’m glad I was not chosen for what they appear to have been chosen for..

You may know that there exists an enormous scholarly multi-volume compendium called “The Interpreter’s Bible.” It is filled with annotations and scholarly references. Depending upon your age and maturity, those volumes can really equip you to KNOW the Bible.

An awful lot of TV hillbilly god scamers seem never to have heard of it, but if you are really interested in Christian theology, it is a must.

Good luck


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e sword – free search program – enter “God” “Christ” get -all- bible verses about the words

use a dictionary about the bible and do a manual search


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look up the bible online and it can help you with learning the bible more.

it has the teachings of Jesus Christ


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Jennifer M
Read it