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Help! I need a 5min and 10min esl english lesson example for elementary school students?

I’m going to an interview with Amity where hopefully I will get a position teaching English to elementary students in Japan. During the interview I will be asked to come up with a 5min fun interactive presentation of how I will teach. I have taught a little ESL to adults but not to children If anyone has any good ideas for what I should do and or some good websites I can look at. I would really appreciate it !

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Here are some links to my favorite games, i hope they will help you. 5-10 minutes of teaching example is very easy,. don’t let this situation intimidate you. I’m kind of surprised you don’t have any ideas of your own. If you have no teaching experience, i would suggest you sit in on a class in your town, or look online for videos of esl classes. you will easily get some workable ideas from that.