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i’m a new young school teacher?

i hav to teach gals of nearly my age– can i punish them for bad performance or not doing home work etc. what should b the nature of punishment

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At the age you are teaching, which I assume is college or high school, I would say that the consequence of poor academic performance is a poor academic score. Your syllabus and initial expectations discussed the first day of class should show how they will receive their grade and report card comments. Tests, quizzes, homework, class participation, and projects should all be listed with the percentage points attached.

Be careful using the word “punished”.

Be really careful playing favorites – AKA – DON’T!

Consider getting teaching insurance from the NEA.

Never be alone with a student, male or female.

You’ve got to make things as black and white as you can, otherwise you’ll find yourself in trouble with student/parents/administration.


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Punishment is always difficult to determine. Just make sure it is fair and equal to the offense. Then once you set it, follow through with specific consequences. Also, since you are close in age to the students, make sure you have established a clear line between you and your students. A lot of young teachers make the mistake of wanting to be liked or “cool”, but this only leads to problems. Establish clear rules and gain respect, the students will appreciate it eventually and benefit more

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I would say that your best bet is to go in with full confidence in yourself as their teacher. I am going into the profession myself, and my mother has been a teacher for many years. She has told me many times that when you walk in the door, you hold the power. Your students know that you are a teacher, and they know that teachers are in charge. If you bend to them and do not take on that power, however, they will realize that you can be manipulated, and many of them will take advantage of you.

You do not have to treat them like babies, and you do not have to act older than you are–but you do need to be firm. Set reasonable rules and requirements, and expect your students to adhere to these standards. Let them know the consequences of not behaving, and don’t be afraid to follow through and punish them when you need to. In the long run, you will all be much happier for this. You can have fun with your students and enjoy the fact that you are near the same age–but only if it is perfectly clear that at the end of the day, you are the one in charge.

Good luck! :o)


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Well, not a timeout, thats for sure, lol. I would simply either give them an extra homework assignment or give them a detention.

Good Luck!