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Where are these quotes from??

Here are some quotes from movies and tv shows write where they are from!

1. She’s fabulous, but she’s evil

2. We love you Denver! City by the Bay!

3. She’s got eyes in the back of her horns

4. Your sweet libations, my lady

5. Oh, no no no no. Dead broad OFF the table…

6. Sure, we can just get it from the 5,000 dollar store.

7. This is a place of learning, not a hockey arena

8. Hey, is all this turbulence from Santa and those 8 tiny reindeer?

9. Call me crazy Pops but things are getting pretty twisted around here.

10. Love is not a feeling, its an emotion

Good Luck!

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1. Mean Girls

2. Blades of Glory

3. Ice Princess

4. A Cinderella Story

5. Shrek

6. Zoey 101

7. High School Musical

8. Cast Away

9. Cheaper by the Dozen

10. ??

You got me with the last one?? What was it??