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first grade teacher?

i have a friend that waits to become a first grade teacher and needs to know if there is an online shool that can help her get this degree and who is the best school for this?

can you help me with this, i just don’t know what to tell her to look for, all of you are smarter then me here.

thanks guys for your help and time to answer this—♥

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You don’t say if your friend has had any college classes. If not, the best thing for her to do is go to the local community college. Community colleges offer classes in the evenings as well as daytime. They will be able to give her the necessary information on what classes she needs and on transferring to a university to get her Bachelor’s degree, which is required in order to get teaching credentials.

If your friend already has a Bachelor’s Degree in another area, she should contact the local school district to find out about alternative certification procedures.


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Getting a teaching job is hard enough. Hiring staff actually look down on the online university thing. If she does that tell her not to expect to get a job right away.