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Allyssa N

What are some signs of teacher favoritism ?

I’m just curious to know some signs of teacher favoritism so if you know any I would really appreciate it if answer !! Thanx !!

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I must add that sometimes teachers can be harder on their favorites. I am a teacher and no matter how hard I try to not do it, there are always students who appeal to me more than others for so many reasons. And generally, it’s because I know I can expect more out of them than others and because I do expect more out of them than others. I’m not sure that all teachers do that (in fact, I’m sure most of them don’t), but that could be one small sign.

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Teacher picking on a certain child all the time, and giving them the best place in presentation or answers. Giving merits or stickers to them all the time, if everyone is shouting an answer and the popular one is asking one, the teacer wll pick the popular one. Teacher always getting the populars idea instead of others ideas (all the time).

PS:People (classmates) will hate you for being popular


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teachers normally treat their “favorites” better then the rest of the students by not being as strict. Also they can even give them better grades and be or leaniant with them. But this happens very rarely because they can get in trouble for that if they get cought.

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a million. they’re continually severe high quality to you whether you do not do the paintings 2. They purchase you tea while they don’t for others 3. they freely compliment you in front of the class greater suitable than others whether they deserve it greater 4. They break rules for you 5. they don’t shrink your factors on previous due assignments.