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Definition Paper for College?

Seriously…what makes people happy…

the topic of the paper is Happiness

the thesis is “Happiness is not reaching a level of material wealth. It is best defined a being a part of the community, having family, and belonging.”

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Part of the community includes sports, clubs, and activities people belong to. Another way to feel part of the community is by volunteering or getting involved in political movements.

Family includes immediate and extended, as well as people that you feel are family. Other ways to be part of a family is the above stuff I mentioned and the next section.

Belonging includes places of worship, friends, a job that you feel cares about you. Belonging can also be a racial group or area (like living in the mountains or living on an island).

You can argue against material wealth by saying that it is fleeting (like the stock market) and who can define how much money you need to be happy? $10 for a homeless man could make him happy, but to a business man, that means nothing.

I hope this helped or at least gave you some ideas. Good luck!