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Just need some advice and reassurance..?

I just got hired as a music teacher for children.. I start next week, and I’m really, really scared. It has always been one of my dream jobs, but I’m not sure if I’m already equipped to teach well. I’m excited, but really really worried that I might make lots of mistakes, or that my students and co-teachers might not like me..

Anyway, I was just wondering if any of you have advice or things I can do to ease my worries. Thans

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Take it one step at a time. I am sure you will survive your first day. Then your next. Remember, you are certified and qualified — you will be the authority with nothing to prove. Experience will help you teach well and you will always be learning. I ‘ve heard the only ones who do not make mistakes are the ones who do nothing. Turn your mistakes into great learning experiences. As far as people liking you, I think there will always be a small percent of people who don’t like you no matter how well you teach and another small percent who will like you no matter how badly you teach. So just stay true to yourself. Your nervousness convinces me you intend to succeed (it is a better sign than if you didn’t care) and you will need the adrenaline. I hope your excitement and enthusiasm will be contagious for your students!

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Your dream job!? Sounds like your all set! You’ll have a blast teaching and being in the classroom! The other teachers? They were right where your at when they joined on.. most will probably treat you with arms wide open. Just don’t be too nervous. You only live once, and noone is concerned about you- your only concerned about yourself. You’ll easily blend right on in if you keep your positive attitude- which I know you have. Music is powerful and you have the ability to pass it on- that is a beautiful thing.

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Yam King 7
I agree with the others. I will add that it’s good to talk with other music teachers in the school system where you work for advice. You will make mistakes, but a good boss will be your mentor not your jailer/accuser.

Be good to yourself. You can’t expect to be perfect right off the bat.

Classroom management will be your biggest challenge I’m guessing.

Again, ask peers for advice when you need it.

Good luck!