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any teachers out there?


i was really considering becoming an elementary teacher..

but someone just recently told me that they will have to go their first year w/out pay? is that true and why is that?

i mean it wouldnt stop me from wanting to be one but i was just curious.

was it hard for you..your first year financially? and how old were you?

thanks so much.. any info would really help me!!

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whoever told you this is misinformed…

to be a teacher, you have to go through a teacher credential program where you gain experience by student teaching for two semesters in a real classroom…student teaching does not pay anything…

sometimes, you can become a teacher through internship where some programs offer paid internship, but that’s rare…you’ll need to check what’s available in your state…

student teaching does not count as your first year of teaching…it’s just student teaching…


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As part of your collegiate experience you will have to spend time in a classroom teaching under a veteran teacher, but you will definitely get paid your first year in a classroom on your own.

I worked my way through college and was able to get a couple of scholarships and loans which really helped. At the time it didn’t seem all that hard, but I began working on my degree fresh out of high school. I didn’t have a husband or family that depended on me.

I am now in my early 30’s and still enjoy teaching. I enjoy spending time with my children during the summer when I am not attending workshops!! If I had it all to do over again I would still become a teacher!!!

Check your state department’s website and universities to see if there are any scholarships available. If I had to do it all over again I would apply for every scholarship I could get my hands on.

Good Luck and God Bless!!!


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I wouldn’t work anywhere without pay. I have never hear of this, and I don’t think it’s true. I think that a first year teacher that is single and has no kids makes pretty good money. If you are married, and your spouse makes good money, I think you will be okay. Some teachers get a second job, or a job in the summer. I have never done this because I had to work summers before I worked in a public school. I won’t do that again.

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Before you begin teaching, you need to complete an internship/student teaching time. In some schools (like mine), this is the last semester before you graduate, but in other schools and other states (like my friend’s), this is the first semester after you graduate. It’s not easy to get a full-time, regular job halfway through the year, so people from that school usually ended up substitute teaching for the rest of the year.

Every state and every school has a different situation. Check with your school, and be sure to check in with the financial aid department. If you are in an unpaid internship, you may be able to get loans/grants/scholarships.

I got a full-time, regular salary job the first year after I graduated.