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I’m in medical school, does anyone know where I can get old NBME shelf exams?

I’m a medical student that’s naturally looking for an edge on the upcoming shelf exams… wandering if anyone knew a good place to get a free download of an old NBME shelf exams, the more current the better.

Spent some time surfing Google results, but too difficult to tease out places trying to sell study materials. Thought Yahoo Answers might come through.

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A few days ago

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Given the fact the a school has to pay $50/student for each exam, I doubt you’re going to find an economical source. However, you may be looking for the wrong thing. I think you might prefer QBank, provided by Kaplan. Just about every medical student uses it.

Another source that’s cheaper: http://score95.com/

Here’s a freebie: http://www.valuemd.com/qbank.php

Good luck


5 years ago
i know 40 year old people that have gone to med school and have become doctors. so clearly there is no age limit.