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Lamia H

Chartered accountant HELP!!!?

i want to be a chartered accountant..which country offers easy n more facilities for studying chartered accountancy?which unversity or institute offers the best?…i want to know more details about it so a weblink would be helpful

thank you

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Meg…Out of Hybernation

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I am quite certain that most of the schools are very good. From a little searching, there were more schools listed in England, Canada, and Australia (all very interesting places). The Australian schools seem to be quite interesting. I also recommend you look at some of the Chartered Accountant support groups and organizations. Joining such organizations may open you up to scholarship opportunities. I hope that I helped (even a little bit). I was unable to get information on tuition and fees, but I did find a site that ranks the schools in Australia and Australian National University was the best and ranked 54 in the world. Additionally, Australian National University continuously came up in several searches of mine. The schools in England and Canada offered very little information. I was also able to find out that schools outside the US more often provided Chartered Accountancy concentrations.