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What do I Need to start a school newspaper???

I want to start a Newspaper for my school because they dont have one…..But I dont know what I need….. can someone help????

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Olivia J

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You probably need a teacher to sponsor you first of all. Ask an English teacher if he/she would be interested. You also need to make sure that you have enough students interested to be your writers and editors.

Next you need to decide who will fund the paper. I don’t know what kind of school you go to, but some schools have activity money set aside. Printing a newspaper isn’t very expensive, but editing software might be.

You will then need to meet with your team of writers and editors to talk about what the objectives of the paper are. Will it detail sports at your school? Explore current issues? Have many opinion pieces? Decide what you need it to do.

Then you will need to set deadlines after you have decided how often the paper will be published. Motivate your team and make sure it’s fun for everyone. Good luck!


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you’re able to use the colleges components not your man or woman. refer to the student physique president, imperative, etc. have a coarse define of what it may be approximately and why/the way it is going to help the college. have a superb call as nicely. good job!