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Beowulf Help?

Describe the theme conveyed by the poem’s preoccupation with patriarchal history. The world Beowulf lived in was full of violence and danger, but it was also filled with heroic ideals like courage, self-sacrifice, strength, and leadership. Use the poem to evaluate why these standards were honored by the Anglo-Saxons.

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think about what Beowulf says about his father. Look at the weapons and armor and how they were handed down from one generation to the other. Look at the need for survival during a time where clans had to fight invaders. What did they need for survival? Look at the end where Wiglaf remains loyal to Beowulf and chides the others for not helping him. Look at how Beowulf passes down the leadership and treasures to Wiglaf. Pick out examples of courage, self-sacrifice, strength and leadership. Good luck