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What do I have to learn?

I am a student who is looking forward to becoming a CEO or an entrepreneur selling electronics like what Steve Jobs does.

Hence my objective is to learn in MIT. What are the adequate subjects for me? It’s too complicated to me to choose.

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Probably Business Administration, Entrepreneurship,

Finance and Accounting or Economics. You’ll need management skills immensely if you plan on taking the management track.

Also, try computer science or some applied science, like biotechnology, electronics engineering or materials science. These are the really popular and lucrative fields right now. Avoid courses like “Game Design” since they will limit your possibilities once, say, the gaming industry dies down.

A good halfway point is Industrial Engineering, but pick schools carefully. MIT doesn’t have IE, but other schools and universities across the US and abroad do. Just choose a school that teaches both the INDUSTRIAL and ENGINEERING aspect of IE.

However, it really isn’t about the college course that determines the success of a businessman. I have seen some people with courses in, say, Psychology, Literature or some other non-technology non-business course. Some didn’t even finish high school. It is really about the idea.