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Help for a persuasive speech…?

I am doing a persuasive speech about the use of cell phones while driving. I need different points in this speech. For example, the dangers it can cause. But thats the only point I can think of. I don’t know any other points/angles to convince everyone to reduce their amount of time on a cellphone. I also need to prove how reducing the amount of time can bring changes. Help please!

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Evie C

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thats so weird! last week i had to do a persuasive speech just like that!

do find statistics of people that get in crashes while on a cell phone. talk about how some people cant consentrate well on both driving and talking. you need to do some research. keep in mind that statistics are really good for persuasive speeches.


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-you’ll be an organ donor -you ought to not use microwave ovens (examine the risks slightly) -cellular telephones should not be allowed mutually as utilising Hmm can no longer think of of any others appropriate off the appropriate of my head..yet I in basic terms had to do a persuasive speech some weeks in the past too. you are able to google different exciting matters.