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Where can i find a trust worthy online IQ test?

one that will give me a trust able answer and wont bombard me with adds and pop-ups and offers and stuff….

ohh yea…..

one thats FREE…..

and not one that asks for personal information..

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Having spent a career administering and scoring various tests I need to tell you a thing or two. The first thing is IQ tests only test a few variables that make up intelligence. The last thing I heard testing people have discovered over a hundred traits that make up intelligence in different environments. Most IQ tests, that I’m aware of, score between five and seven of those traits. Concerning the Mensa test I have taken several different IQ tests and scored very well on them. I took the Mensa test two or three weeks ago and bombed my butt! So I’m very bright on the other tests and an idiot on the Mensa test so I’m a genius idiot! What does this mean? It means IQ tests don’t mean as much do you might think. And basing your future on one IQ test is a really bad idea. Oh, almost forgot to tell you, belatedly psychologists have become interested in emotional IQ. And of course most IQ test certainly don’t test for empathy, or sympathy. In many areas getting along with other people is much more important than just knowing things.

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Try the Mensa Workout at Mensa.org

Granted, it states in the disclaimer that it’s not really an IQ test, but it does give you results. It’s the closest thing to what you are asking for, imo.


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I liked to the one that I took. It’s a trustworthy site and a decent test.

Have fun and I wish you the best.