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I am going to take the SSAT/ISEE for my ninth grade admission to a private school. However, I have trouble deciding which testt is better/easier- or more suitable for me- the SSAT or ISEE. I prefer math and I dont like the fact that you are marked down for the SSAT if you have the wrong answer, but I can’t understand the quantitive comparisons for the ISEE. Also, is there an easier test out of the two?? Or, which test does most of the people end up taking?? Does more people take te SSAT or ISEE?? I really need help, and I need to knowa better way to study and acheive my highest score. Thanks alot!!! – Also, is there any info on the essays? Like, is the SSAT essays harder or easier? And, is there a better test format- like on the SSAT, you have to answer 60 verbal q’s within 30 minutes while on the ISEE you have to answer more questions in math then the SSAT, but less questions on the verbal part. HELP PLEASEE

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