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CPA fail rate?

Is it normal to fail all 4 tests on the first try?

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Its totally normal to fail on your first try. They say that the pass rate of passing all four exams on your first try is roughly 10%, while others fail a number of times. Do not get discouraged by failing, just find people who are doing worse than you 😛

Everyone in my past Becker class has failed at least one section, while some older people failed it their 3-4th times already. They go through their 18 month credit period like nothing, having to retake passed exams since they just cant quite finish the entire thing.

Just keep at it.. you will pass it eventually. There has been a study comparing the CPA exam and the bar exam in difficulty and it was told that the CPA ranked higher in difficulty, but just by a small margin with a big standard deviation on the results. so who knows.. its not easy but its definitely passable!



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It does happen; remember that pass rates average about 43%, if the below website is accurate- and it sounds like a reasonable estimate.

Just use different study materials. You didn’t specify a state, so I can only give general advice.