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Is a 3 good on an Ap WOrld history exam?

i just got my ap exam scores back, and i scored a 3 on my world history ap test. is this a decent score? if so, what colleges would accept this score? how well shoud i do to get into a good college like ucla, ucsd, usc, nyu or university of chicago, or university of berkeley.

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It’s a decent score, but none of the colleges you listed will accept it. They would want a 4 or a 5. Very few colleges will probably accept this score, most have moved to the 4 as the lowest score accepted. However, many of the people at my school have said that it looks good to the college that you did take the AP test, since it is optional.

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Your AP scores don’t effect if you get into a certain college. They just determine if you will get credit for the course. Most good colleges only accept 4’s and 5’s, while some don’t accept any, it really depends on the college.

A 3 is o.k., it is average but by no means impressive. Don’t worry though it won’t effect whether you get into Berkeley or the other colleges you want to get into.


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Ap scores don’t really affect you getting into a college, it just affects what credits you get. I know for sure that UCLA, NYU, U Chicago and berkeley will not accept a 3 on an AP test and they only accept 4s or 5s, but don’t worry about it too much, theres always more tests and you can always retake.

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Look at the tuition web sites. They’ll have a piece that tells you what rankings are authorized and for which elegance it’ll rely for. I checked on one tuition I was once watching at and for the AP Lit examination a three or four could change one English elegance however a five could change a extra elaborate English elegance. It’s all as much as the institution. But sure, as a commonplace rule, 3s,4s, and 5s obtain credit score.

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considering the ap grades are out of 5, a 3 would be considered “average”. this is a decent score, and, depending on the college, some may accept it. however, some may not. it all depends on the college, and for you, it would be best to research this and find if this score will exempt you from the class. some colleges don’t even accept ap scores. ap scores to not affect your entrance into a school, only whether or not you may be exempt from a particular class or not. congrats on your grade

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not to be mean but its average not perfect not bad