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online test cheat?

i have an online multiple choice economics test. it on on a website which only allows me to do one attempt. it is also on a timelimit of 40 mins. is there anyways i can somehow dowloaed it to my pc b4 hand and open it? or pause the time while doing the test? or use source code to see the answers ETC? any suggestions would be great =)

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Take the test honestly. If you don’t know the material- then study more.

5 years ago
Very easily. If it’s in the same computer lab as the teacher, there are some remote viewing programs that can allow the teacher to view each person’s specific computers and what is actually being seen at that moment. If you’re doing this on your own time at your friend’s house, and you submit it electronically, each file has a fingerprint to your specific system. If this is to be printed out at your own home, or your friends home. Then it would take chemical analysis to tell that it was printed from the same printer. Even with any of the above scenarios, don’t cheat. The consequences far outweigh the benefits.