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OKAI i’m SCREWED!? for application to University of Southern California?

Grade 12


GPA – 4.0

NFAA –arts merit scholar

extra-curricular—>highly involved in a business company “assistant manager”

counting on a profound essay*

CONS (BOMBED the standardized exam from sleep deprivation)

SATS – math 540

reading 510

writing 480

….planning to retake it with only 5 days of preparation time…..

Chances of acceptance?!

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A few days ago
Jack D

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i think you’ll be just fine

4 years ago
Classify? that’s a huge inner maximum college. different than that, i do no longer “classify” it in any respect. I easily have been in contact in helping the form college and the school of Social artwork there by the years.

A few days ago
with a 4.0 GPA you should be fine….raise your SAT just a bit more and you are definitly in.

Good luck!