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Does anybody know a good free website for practice SSAT’s?

I’m getting ready to take the SSAT’s, but haven’t been able to find a good free website to practice the test before I go take the real thing.

If anybody know’s anything that’d be a great help!


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A few days ago

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Number2.com seems very popular.

However, I strongly suggest purchasing a perp-book! I used Princeton-Review, and I have to say the practice, and the general tips, boosted my score from 680 to 770 in Math (that was the most dramatic one, but the other scores were pretty good, too, great thanks to the book)

It costs like $20 on Amazon. You may as well buy last year’s, it’s the same, but cheaper.

I’m an unbelievably cheap person when it comes to this stuff, but always buying prep books for (all of… 12, including AP’s and SATII’s) standardized testing exams has been one of the wiser “investements” through high school.

Give books a chance.