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why do public school kids hate home schoolers?

i mean there not that bad i’m a home schooler and i love it why does every one make such a big deal out of it all of it is fun you get to stay home and do your school work in your bed or on your porch what do you think please be nice but say what you have to say

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I don’t understand it, that’s for sure. A homeschooled teen who babysits for us now and then gets that crap from public schooled teens she knows through her sports. She was hanging out just fine with about 5 of them a couple of summers ago, becoming good friends, and then the question came up one day: Where do you go to school? She told them she homeschooled. Since that day, this one girl treats her like dirt and actually calls her “social retard” to her face and spreads that all around to those who don’t know the homeschooled girl very well.

Fortunately, most of the kids aren’t like that, but there’s always such an expectation that homeschooled kids are going to be weird. One friend of the above-mentioned, when finding out she was homeschooled, blurted out, “But you’re so normal!” The friend’s vision of homeschoolers was that they were all hippy-like, more into just living the earth than knowing anything academic, definitely not into sports…

What it really boils down to is misconceptions combined with judgementalism.


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Tad W
The statement is an over generalization, all public school kids don’t hate all home educated kids. It’s just some happen to be vocal about their feelings. And there are some homeschooled kids that will treat public schooled kids with disdain.

Some people will ridicule anyone that isn’t like them. It is generally a sign that they are insecure in their own identities, so they want to pull others down to make them feel higher. You will find this kind of behavior between any two groups.


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I don’t know if this helps, but I found that growing up I didn’t like homeschool kids because of how they treated me. My family went to a very conservative church where I was constantly looked down on due to the words I used (not expletives, just different vocabulary), the clothes I wore (I didn’t wear terrible things, but would wear pants etc) and simply the fact I went to school. It was made very clear to me from the start that I was different, and wasn’t going to be able to be one of them.

I am aware that this is a very small proportion of homeschool families, and actually now see more benefits than disadvantages in it (I am an education major and would consider homeschooling any kids I have in the future). Unfortunately its a case of the few ruin it for the majority, and as a result there is a perception that is false. I know a lot of families at my church now who homeschool, and they have happy, well adjusted kids.

I don’t believe that experiences like these are a justification to hate, but I am aware of how being treated like I was can make children behave in ways they shouldn’t and hold stances that are not necessarily right, but are developed from their experience.


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It is a jelousy thing. Why wouldn’t they be? You get to spend more time with your family which most of these kids are shipped off to school and then are latchkey kids and don’t get to see their parents until late at night and by then it is dinner and off to bed to only do the same thing the next day. It is actually pretty sad for those in Public school. Our society has deemed Public schools as an acceptable education which is far from the truth. They have brainwashed kids and parents alike that Public schools are the only way to get an education and a good education at that which couldn’t be further from the truth. Anything different from the norm will raise questions. Hold your head up high and feel very fortunate that you get to be homeschooled. You will be a better person for it.

They hate it because they are ignorant and parents and society fills their minds with crap that homeschoolers are socially inept. Sterotyping things they don’t know about. People who speak out against topics that they don’t have enough information or experience in only make asses of themselves.

Very sad!!


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Kim C
I think you are internalizing this too much.

Public school kids hate everybody. Kids, especially public school kids or kids left in daycare for most of their lives, just take out their anger and frustrations on anybody. You shouldn’t take it personally.

When you get older you’ll find that many people pick on other people…whether its because the other person is different in some way, or has more, or just because the person being the “hater” has had a bad day. If the adults act like that, the kids…their kids…act even worse.

I tell my daughter “When in Rome…” If you really want to fit in…and maybe you don’t want to…be just as big a *@$% back. For some reason that works to make friends with those kinds of people.

Good luck!


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I think homeschooling is awesome and I go to public school! Then again that could be because I was homeschooled until 4th grade.

Like somebody else said, most kids who seem like they hate homeschooled kids are probably just jealous. They’re probably jealous because you can stay home, be with family all day, eat edible food ๐Ÿ˜‰ etc. I can’t lie and say I’m not alittle bit jealous because I remember being homeschooled and I loved it! I would go back to being homeschooled in a heart beat!

Anyway, just forget about it if people say rude things about homeschooling. I think it’s really cool!


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Tammy F
Im a homeschooler, & my son was in public school for his first 3 years of schooling, now oin his 2nd year of homeschooling. My son has told me what he really likes about it, is becuase hes calmer, dosnt feel as nervous as he would in a public school.

Ive seen the diffrence in him too, hes right, this is a kid who used to bounce off the walls in school, but once home he has been so much calmer, & hes on NO meds either. Its amazing. The only thing I can honestly think of is becuase hes happier, & its more of a 1 on 1 teaching method.


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Janis B
The only place I see the prejudice is here, online in Yahoo!Answers. Everyone is supportive in our face to face life. They are impressed with our son and have no questions concerning why we home school. I work in the public school and have many interesting conversations with teachers concerning the options that are available for students to learn. Home schooling has been made easier with technology.

There are still many uninformed people who do not understand home schooling and therefore they are against it. Maybe they will ‘get it’ sooner or later.

Enjoy your education.


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I don’t hate homeschoolers in fact I’m being homeschooled this year my one friend is like how can you do this because she thinks homeschooling means less socializing! But if you go to a homeschooling group once a week that like has homeschooling parents teaching classes you can meet other people homeschooled kids that are your age I’m doing that! Another thing is you can learn more in your religion in homeschooling than in crappy public schools!

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I’ve been to public school, private school, and even homeschooled for one year. I would have to say that as awesome as homeschooling was, I love public school because there are tons of people and cool teachers and classes and sports. I wouldn’t say people hate homeschoolers at my school, in fact I’ve never heard that before so don’t take it personally. I actually learned faster homeschooling so maybe it’s because you’re smarter! ๐Ÿ˜›