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Math question…..?

When a sample was surveyed on their preference for yohurt flavor, 12 said valilla and 8 said banana. The total group was 160. How many people were in the survey.

What is the probability that a person prefers vanilla?





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If I understand the question correctly, then the answer is 60%. It appears as though the 160 is just thrown in to confuse you. All you have to do is add 12 (vanilla) and 8 (banana) to get 20. Of these 20 people, a certain percentage prefered vanilla to banana. To figure out the percentage, you should use a calculator to divide 12 by 20. You can do it by hand too, but a calculator is probably faster because you’ll wind up with a decimal.

The answer to the problem is then .6, which is the equivalent to 60%

To understand why .6 = 60%, you should think in terms of 1.

1.00 is equal to 100%. This is because it is one whole. One circle is 100% of the circle, for example.

So, .6 = 0.60 when shown to the hundredths place. See the “60”? 60% 🙂

You may have known most of that, but I just wanted to be as clear as possible. Good luck!


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The amount of people in the survey was 20.

12/20 = 3/5 = 60%

The probability that a person prefers vanilla yogurt is 60%