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Any good student exchange programs in Australia?

I would really like to become an exchange student for next year, I was wondering if there are any good programs out there, and how much it costs. Thanks!

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JSS International Institute of Professional Studies, JSS Technical Institutions campus, Mysore, India offers National Diploma (Computing) for 10th pass or equivalent and Higher national Diploma (Computing) for 12th pass or equivalent. These courses are certified by Edexcel, International, one of the main examination board of UK. After HND students can directly join for final year Bachelors degree course in computer science in UK, US , Australia or Singapore(conditions apply). Course duration ND 2 Years and HND 2 years. Method of assessment based on assignment, class test and projects.

Former students of JSSIIPS is pursuing MSc in Computer science in prestigious Oxford University, University of Manchester Etc after their BSc (Hon) Computer studies from UK and US Universities.

for details visit http://iips.jssonline.org call 918212410255

Admissions are open


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i anticipate your searching for a intense college. Australian faculties supply scholarships to Australian scholars. once you’re after a scholarship my terrific suggestion is to work out what Canadian substitute classes ought to furnish. terrific of success.