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are there any smilier Canadian universities for U Of Windsor? in Canada?

list some names please

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Similar in overall academic reputation (in Ontario) would probably be:

Brock University; Laurentian University; Trent University; University of Ottawa

But, a university’s reputation can vary wildly from one program to another. For example, Waterloo is the top math/science school, and while it has decent arts offerings, it’s not known to have a reputation for them.

If you go to the “electronicinfo.ca” site below, then you can see general admission averages by program for Windsor. Then, you can compare to other universities and look for schools with similar admission averages. That would be one way to find academically “similar” programs.

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It depends what you mean by “similar” — in size? in location? in program offering?

All Ontario universities offer B.A. and B.Sc. programs. You can take general degrees at any institution — so every school offers say English, Math, Science, History, Psychology, Economics, Languages etc. Some universities have some more specialized programs, but they were initially created so that anyone could take any (general) program at any institution.

Here is where you can find out info about Ontario universities, and the programs they offer:


For more descriptive profiles, use these links: